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Get access to the #1 Automotive Sales Training Platform in the World Used by 1,000+ dealerships & 300,000+ salespeople to be Successful in Today's marketplace
Get access to the #1 Automotive Sales Training Platform in the World Used by 1,000+ dealerships & 300,000+ salespeople to be Successful in Today's marketplace
Turn Inventory Problem Into an Opportunity - Maintaining Gross into 2023 - New Hire Training - Converting E-Leads

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We have training solutions for salespeople, new hires, service advisors, F&I staff, customer service & management.

What is Cardone On Demand?

Cardone On-Demand is a comprehensive auto-specific online training system that integrates seamlessly into your business.

  • Provides 24/7 access to every major objection and sales and management challenge your people are facing.
  • 1,500 video modules accessible from any computer or mobile device at the click of a button. 
  • ​Provides a world-class tracking and management system for your managers and executives to inspect your people’s progress and results
  • Provides standardized content for sales meetings and training sessions for your staff. 
  • ​All theoretical training is delivered virtually to a desktop, tablet, or smartphone in manageable 3-7 minute micro lessons [so even millennials can pay attention].
  • Converts your in-house sales managers into Cardone Certified Trainers


Interactive lessons that cover all the sales skills your team MUST have to win in any economy.


 Content is accessible 24/7 from a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Staff can switch between them as they need.


This virtual platform ensures staff actually RETAIN what is viewed with concise videos and quick questions to test understanding.


Our team works closely with yours to help tackle any and all challenges that you may face.

Training for Today's Marketplace

  • Even when competitors have the unit in stock
  • ​How to provide so much value it doesn’t matter
  • ​Nurturing relationships so they go with you
  • They want X, you have Y. How to sell
  • ​Control without confrontation method 
  • ​Reinforces your correct process
  • ​Improves CSI
  • 2022 order taking vs true selling
  • How to reinforce the right habits
  • ​Turn order taking habits into sales closing skills
  • Make them Stick 
  • Teach them the Right Habits
  • ​Ensure they Don’t get Used to Order-Taking
  • Handle any service related objection
  • ​Increase hours per R/O
  • ​Motivation in service department
  • F&I program
  • ​Complete F&I Excellence Course
  • ​Value approach to F&I selling
  • ​Over 25 F&I closes 
  • Learn the most important sale you will ever make
  • ​Develop the mindset needed to dominate in sales
  • ​​Become a master of time management
  • Learn the #1 rule of selling!
  • How to handle multiple different inbound inquires
  • How to set an appointment that shows every time
  • How to control the call NOT the caller
  • The BULLETPROOF incoming script
  • Learn how you can increase sales with a Perfected Sales Process
  • Best Practices for Fact Finding and Negotiating
  • Industry leading Sales Strategies and Sales Advice
  • Double your proposals presented to clients
  • 3 Things that will make or break you in the close
  • Learn how to shorten the sales cycle by 50%
  • Never use price to negotiate again
  • Over 120 Rebuttals & Advanced Closes
  • Real time on-demand solutions
  • Objection handlings for every part of the sales process
  • Work tracks for every objection scenario
  • ​Multiple objection handlings for each scenario 
  • How to increase contacts by 900%
  • The one thing that will KILL your chances of closing
  • The Cardone internet lead response process
  • ​10 mistakes almost every company makes with internet leads
  • Mastering Sales Prospecting on the phone with 1 technique
  • Learn the easiest sales call you will ever make
  • Scripts on making the outbound sales call
  • ​The 9 hottest sales leads you are overlooking
  • Use information to get information
  • Learn the most transparent and ethical sales approach
  • Learn how service is senior to selling
  • Understand how to handle a customer's reactions & put them at ease 
  • How to build the PERFECT cold call script
  • How to set REAL appointments that show up
  • How to handle EVERY cold call objection
  • ​The best questions to qualify your prospect FAST
  • How to follow-up creatively and be remembered by prospects
  • Never run out of ways to follow up with a prospect
  • Follow-up strategies for 365 days
  • Breakdown of common follow-up mistakes and how to avoid them 
  • Study the top traits of the greatest salespeople
  • ​Learn how to become the top 1% of sales people in your industry
  • Daily reminders on how to become a master salesperson
  • ​Develop the traits that it takes to succeed
  • Tips to motivating yourself and a team
  • How to achieve more of your potential
  • ​3 ways to sustain levels of motivation
  • ​Master goal setting & time management
  • Learn how to get attention in a noisy marketplace 
  • Key marketing strategies for winning in any economy
  • Understand how to build a brand successfully
  • Study the fundamentals to proper marketing execution
  • How to run an engaged and productive team 
  • The best strategies for growing your sales even while operating remotely 
  • The fundamentals to running a winning sales team 
  • How to structure your team's day to maximize production and minimize distraction 
  • Complete on-boarding training for new automotive hires - 30, 60 or 90 day options
  • Skill up your green peas fast so they can become revenue drivers fast 
  • Minimize turnover and increase retention by giving new hires the skills they need to win
  • Lessen burden on your management team by having a new hire training road map

Industry Leading Content For All Departments

We have partnered with industry leading experts to provide you with additional content based on the specific needs of your team. 

Solutions & Support For Your Store

Sales Training For Every Topic

In-depth training on every part of the sales process to turn your team into professionals

On-Demand Sales Solutions

Quick and easy on-the-fly sales solutions your team can use to solve any problem they run into

Accountability & Real Time Reporting

Detailed reporting on your team’s training usage and engagement, emailed or texted to you daily or weekly

New Hire On-Boarding

30, 60 or 90 day comprehensive new hire training to skill up your green peas fast

Salesperson Certifications

Four Certification levels of training to ensure your team is skilled in the basics through to the advanced techniques

Skill Development: Role-Playing Meetings

Fully prepared role-play sales meeting on every area of the sales process to practice application of the material

Expert Third Party Content

Expert content provided from other trainers to provide your team with leadership, hiring, F&I and service advisor training

Management Support

Management specific training provided along with regular support calls from our in-house team

Cardone On Demand Helps Solve ALL Common Sales Challenges 

Does your team struggle in any of the following areas or suffer from any of these pitfalls?

❌ FOLLOW-UP: It's non-existent or it only includes the cringe worthy phone call "Hey, just checking in"....

❌ MOTIVATION: It's a struggle to get your team excited about selling and your team lacks the fire & hunger. 

❌ DISENGAGEMENT: Sales reps have become order takers and team members & not actively improving their skills.

❌ PROSPECTING: It has become a scary word and sales reps are terrified of the phone. 

❌ OBJECTIONS: Sales reps have become too comfortable and lack the tools necessary to handle customers.

❌ NEGOTIATING & CLOSING: Lowering price is one of the only tactics your team uses to close deals.

❌ FACT FINDING: "What's your budget?" is the extent of the fact finding your team does.

"Our daily discipline consists of Cardone On Demand training. After doing this every day for 90 days, our BDC Reps are crushing industry benchmarks! They make an average of 135 calls per day each and as a team book 100 – 125 appointments a day for the service departments. 90% of these reps have never worked in the auto industry before 2021. I am convinced that the success that we have from being associated with the Grant Cardone Canada Team has catapulted us light years ahead of where we were in the beginning.
Jamie, GM, FFUN Auto Group

We Drive Results For Your Business

Provide formalized sales training to increase revenue and production of your sales team (Increase sales by 18-36% within 90 days)
Increase retention of your new hires by providing training on sales fundamentals and skilling them up FAST
Improved culture through training as it unifies your team, reignites their goals & increases production
Increase your customer satisfaction scores by having all sales staff trained on approaching customers with a “service is senior to selling” approach
Support and train your managers with management specific training along with pre-prepared sales meetings for them to run with your sales team

Meet Grant Cardone

  • Internationally renowned business and sales expert. Named the #1 sales trainer in the world and one of the top “25 Marketing Influencers to Watch” by Forbes.
  • ​​Creator of Cardone On Demand, the premier online automotive sales training tool in the world
  • ​A dynamic, highly sought after, international speaker, coach and consultant.
  • ​Real estate investor and founder of Cardone Capital with a $4.0 billion real estate portfolio
  • ​International social media influencer with over 10,000,000 followers
  • ​Author of seven sales and business books & 13 best-selling business programs

Grant Cardone is Now In Canada! 🇨🇦

Grant Cardone Canada is the licensed franchisee of Cardone Training Technologies for the Canadian marketplace. 

  • Our offices are based out of Port Moody, British Columbia and we work with automotive dealers all across the country. 
  • ​Our offices also house a full training space with capacity for 30+ people and is where we host live trainings, seminars and new hire on-boarding sessions. 
  • ​Our Cardone Canada Team includes a full staff of salespeople and client performance managers to help support your training journey with us.
  • ​We tailor our approach and teachings to the Canadian marketplace and all business is transacted in Canadian dollars. 

Who is Cardone On Demand For?

Dealer Principals, GMs, GSMs & SMs 

Running your business or your team is hard enough without having to worry about your staff performing at their best. 

Cardone On Demand is designed to help business owners and sales leaders train their entire team all while providing full management support and oversight. 

Salespeople, Service Advisors, F&I, Admin

Cardone On Demand is designed for every person under your rooftop, from salespeople, to service advisors, F&I staff and even customer admin and marketing staff.  

With a wide variety of training topics this platform will help all departments perform at their highest level!

Access the Platform from Any Device at Any Time

Cardone On Demand is easily accessible from phones, tablets, and desktop computers so no matter where your team is, they can train!

Designed with convenience in mind, your team always have quick, mobile-friendly access to over 1,500 courses.

Automotive Success Stories

“We had a strong finish here. Over 50 units! Typically we do 35-45 units. The last four months have been 10 year records!"
Aaron, Yellowknife Motors
"We did 78 units (47 new, 31 used) in May, which is up 160% YOY. Last May we did 30. Looking like the switch from Marino to Cardone is paying off… in a pandemic!"
Kobi, Calgary Harley Davidson
"We recently just signed our third year contract and the training is working exceedingly well with our team. The sales teams are engaged and completing their daily training that is custom tailored to areas that they need to focus on."
Ty, Riverside Dodge
Aaron Christensen - CEO and
Andrew Goligowski - COO
Christensen Automotive
Mark Lovelock - General Manager
Performance Toyota Lexus
Al Smith - General Manager
Chapman Motors
Aaron Lessing - Sales Representative
Fort Motors
Jared Moulds - General Manager
Drive Nation
Lois Mackay - Sales Manager
Saskatoon South Hyundai
"We saw a 40% year over year profit increase, and shot up to 9th out of 152 stores in volume sales after 4 months on the program. For our size, that is quite an accomplishment! We had our best months in our history back to back this summer and we have no doubt that will continue."
 James, James Braden Ford

"When I started my expense reduction process, everything was either a need to have, would be nice to have, or a pure luxury. Obviously, training is a need to have! I need to have a training system. If my Grant Cardone training gives my sales guys extra word tracks that gives me an extra deal that generates an extra $3,500 in gross then it’s money well spent. We are maximizing every deal. My per copy avg has gone up."
 Larry Jr., Penticton Toyota
"I have a well trained staff with 3 guild members and we were with Verde for over a decade. We have experienced more buy in because of Grant's presentation and the Cardone Team’s support than with Verde; everyone now enjoys training and trains every day. Bottom line, more buy in, more sales, more confidence and more fun."
Eric, Barnes Wheaton GM

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